[FuruYanagi] Bird on the D Flat Major Chapter 1



Twenty year old Furukawa Airi used to be a musician, a pianist to be specific. However after a certain accident five years ago, she quit playing and disappeared from the media. Nobody knew where she was, not even her parents, after running away in grief and despair. She started walking back from the convenient store when she saw a figure of a girl. She was talking to something and as she got closer, she saw that she was talking to a tiny sparrow. Airi was surprised, after all, it was not normal for a grown woman to be talking to a bird of all things. As she got in closer, she realized that the woman was extremely beautiful. Her long black hair was flowing out and dancing with the wind as she talked to the bird. She moved in closer to hear hat she was saying. She realized she wasn’t talking to it, she was singing.

“The orange colored crescent moon~ At the end of the sky looks like its sulking~.” She sang, her voice wasn’t too deep but the clear tone and melodic voice reminded her of the D Flat major scale. She used to pay it all the time when she first learned it, and still occasionally does, on her piano in her tiny apartment. Before she could anything else, the bird and the mysterious woman noticed Airi’s presence and the bird quickly flew away. The woman was now facing Airi, and she had a slightly annoyed face.

“Geez, thank you. Now that sparrow flew away thanks to you. It only comes once a week you know. Now I have no one to sing to.” She sternly stated, not bothering to hide her annoyance.

“Sorry about that, it’s just that your voice was so beautiful. Also, you can sing to me if would like.” Airi inwardly hoping she would say yes to her plea.

“I definitely do not sing for random strangers, but I guess I can make an exception. I’m Takayanagi Akane, I’m turning Twenty in two months. I love birds by the way.” She said, this time not annoyed but curious.

“I’m Furukawa Airi, a former pianist. I am turning Twenty-One soon enough. It’s nice too meet you Akane.” Airi replied, with a big smile this time, since the girl named Akane finally agree to let her sing.

Akane gawked at Airi, she couldn’t believe it. THE Furukawa Airi was standing in front of her, asking to sing her to sing for her.

“F-F-F-Furukawa A-Airi?! THE Furukawa Airi?! I-I’m a big fan of you!” She stuttered, barely managing to finish her sentence, almost choking.

Airi chuckled, who there were still fans of her left? “Yes, though I stopped playing five years ago.”

“Is it because Ogiso Shiro-san? There was rumor that you two were dating,and after his death you stopped playing the piano.” Akane asked, she was very confident that she was right. It had to be, it was the only reason.

Airi nodded, “Yeah… He was the one who taught me how to the piano dispute being only four years older than me. My parents always forced me to be perfect, so the piano and Shiro were the only ones there for me. When he wasn’t there, I would play the piano so escape the cruel reality. Years went by and we started dating, but I wasn’t suppose to. I was already engaged to someone, but I only loved Shiro, I couldn’t think of anyone else. My parents soon found out, and the night he died, it was all my fault. I ran away to his house and broke down,I told him my parents won’t approve of our relationship, so he drove on hat stormy day to my house never to return. He died in a car accident. For two years, I was in depression but I soon got back up to my feet by working as a mangaka. I’ve been living in an apartment mansion all these years, away from everyone. I guess I tried to lock up my past. Anyway, enough of me. Your voice is mesmerizing, why not audition to be a singer?”

“I’m a teacher so I don’t have much time to do so. I actually hold singing lessons for kids of all ages every month, and I enjoy doing that. I don’t want to be big, I just want everyone around me to happy, that’s all I want. By the way, call me Churi, that’s what everyone calls me.” Churi finished.

‘Gorgeous, selfless, and intelligent. Get she get any better? She’s my type… Wait, she may not even be single. What are you thinking Airi?!’ Airi inwardly smacked herself. “By the way Churi, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes, but why?” Churi asked.

“Oh, because I thought such a pretty young lady can’t be single.”

Churi blushed, she was being called cute by the person she adored the most. “Airi-sama is so cool, ah, I think I fell for her. What are you saying Churi, you have a boyfriend! Airi would never like a girl as ordinary and simple as you anyway!”

“Anyway, Churi, I have a favor to ask of you…” Airi begun.

“A favor?” Churi asked.

“Do you know a place where there’s a piano?”  Airi questioned.

“Oh, yes. There’s one in my apartment complex. I use to practice when I sing.” Churi replied, with curiosity.

“May…. May I use it?” Airi looked the Churi, thinking she would reject the idea, but by her expression, she might be wrong.

“O-of course!” Chrui stuttered. ‘Gah! My idol is going to go to my room to play my piano and I get to hear it. This is so much like a dream!’ 

Airi then followed Churi, while she walked she noticed that at that time of the day, the town seemed very awake. Stars illuminating the roads as a few different tunes from stores were heard. She could also hear giggles from high school schoolgirls walking past by. Airi seemed to smile at that, back when she was in high school, she was too busy practicing for concurs too hang with friends in stores or malls. If only she had the time to do something like this back then. Slowly climbing the stairs, Airi noticed that the apartment mansion Churi lived in was the one she did too. After climbing more and more stairs, Churi realized that they were also in the same floor. Airi lived in flat number 109 while Churi lived in 102.

“Churi, how many years have you been living here?” Airi asked, with a bit of suspiciousness.

“Five years, why?” Churi finally found the keys in her and opened the door.

“Sorry for intruding.” Airi mumbled. She took off her shoes and entered the flat. “About that, I’ve been actually living in flat 109 for five years too.”

Churi looked at Airi, shocked, “Eh?! I’ve been here since March!”

“So did I!” Airi exclaimed. The two looked at each other in disbelief, they’ve been living here for the same amount of time, in the same mansion, same floor, yet only learned about of each other’s existence today.

“Hey, Churi have you ever-”


Annnnnnnnnnnnd chapter one done~ I was actually planning to have this as a one-shot but I was too lazy to type it all out.